kingmobuk: (Edgeworth. Close Up Pink)
( Jul. 14th, 2009 12:52 pm)
Good things come to those who wait... after bemoaning the fact that Blue October (US) never gig round the UK, usually only slipping in one performance in London, it seems that this year they are daring to try out a small tour here in the autumn. And luckily for me, one of the venues in Manchester Academy 3 (capacity about 300), so I booked. And I can't wait. A colleague from work is going with me as she's started to like their music based on the stuff of theirs that is on my iPod and gets played in our office on a regular basis.

Meanwhile Rollins returns to the Lowry in Salford in January with a spoken word gig and if it's anything like the last one (nearly three hours of non-stop Rollins) it'll be fantastic. Also booked, for me and Antony this time - I've been to many a spoken word Rollins gig, but last time was Antony's first and he enjoyed it enough to want to go again.

Wow I spent too much in one day already, heh XD

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