So we have the roofers in - or will, by Wednesday. Currently there is a scaffolding Tower of Babel being constructed in our (tiny) garden which I will attempt to get a picture of when ist done because... well I did tell you my life was pretty damned boring, right?

After a lovely Dales winter of snow, snow and more snow we decided it was TIME to get the old slate tiles removed, the roof lined and then the slate replaced again. Preferably before any more fall off and brain me while I am standing on teh doorstep.

Also the skylight that is our only source of daylight over the stairs ( I still sort of regret not getting that half glass door for the bathroom) is being increased in size.

After the roofers it's the sandblasters to get rid of the godawful off-white paint on the back of the house and then yay! new double glazing and someone in to paint the crappy walls in the yard with a nice bright colour. Maybe sky blue, I am undecided. If I was rich enough I would get it rendered an pay an artist to fresco it. But hey, bright colours will do.

if I can also squeeze out my savings money to get the yard repaved that will pretty much be the exterior done. If we ever finish the dining room and kitchen we might, actually, have a nice looking house, though this year we have already had two sets of visitors who have politely ignore dthe fact that our dining room looks like a work in progress and the kitchen looks as old as it is and has a big ass hole in the wall stuffed with a  scrunched up bin liner XD

"Gentlemen, we just seized an airfield. That was pretty fucking ninja." (Generation Kill)

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