I had occasion to go to the BNP website today (for work, before you ask). While wading among the usual "blah-blah we're not racists we just hate people who aren't white" crap, I found this fabulous paradox on the information pages about Nick Griffin. (Who is, I may remind you all, now one of my MEPs, despite the fact that in my specific geographical area they failed to make inroads).

"Initially educated at two Suffolk private schools, St Felix School (in Southwold) and Woodbridge School, Nick studied history and then law at Downing College, Cambridge and boxed while at Cambridge and was awarded a full blue for representing the University against Oxford three years running, losing the first year on points and winning in the next two with first round stoppages."


"Since being elected to lead the BNP in 1999, he has turned it into the modern, mainstream and moderate party that is today reshaping British politics in favour of ordinary people instead of out-of-touch political elitists."

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! Isn't it reassuring to know he's just an ordinary, working-class man and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with the "ruling elite" of the Torys or New Labour

... oh wait.


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