I think there's a few people on my Friends Lists who could do with thinking about the nice things for a while. So here's a meme that was invented by my friend [livejournal.com profile] burge, back in the day - before it spread all over the Intrawebs. You can write as much as you like or just list them.

"List five little things which make you happy/satisfied/give you pleasure. Don't go for the obvious ones like second-hand bookshops, warm baths, icecream, wanking, seeing a band live or whatever. Odd little things, which give you a little frisson and make things better, even if just for a moment."

1. The first bite of a Toffee Crisp
2. Getting a comment on one of my stories even if I wrote it AAAGES ago and had forgotten about it myself.
3. The ring tone on my cellphone - it's the "CORNERED" theme from Phoenix Wright and it makes me laugh whenever it goes off.
4. The scent of spring wildlflowers growing the verges by the roads as it drifts in through open windows on the drive to and from work.
5. The (rare) occurrence at work of intelligent debate without butthurt .
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