Also the fault of [ profile] loosewiring. We were talking, and so one day I said "you know, I should take a pic of all my gay lawyer tat to show you..."

Only I couldn't fit it all in one pic, or indeed all on one table. And this is missing a few things like the Edgeworth teacups, more brooches and the Gyakuten Kenji tin (I did not have them at the time), the Phoenix/Apollo keyring (hanging from the driver's mirror in my car), the Blue Badger phone dangler (no idea where that got to), the stylus that Antony bought me, a couple more t-shirts and mugs, the watch (I forgot it), the clock (at work) and the translated manga books (also forgot). Conclusion: I have a lot of tat. And yes, those ARE bags of snackoos in there, and damn, you can't see my magatama properly.

And also, there's my DS. Heh.


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