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( Dec. 28th, 2008 11:45 pm)
And yes, it's that time again.

That time when we should all raise a glass to Gregory Edgeworth and think of Miles in his happy new life in Germany.

Keep studying, kiddo! THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YE FREE!
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( Dec. 2nd, 2008 09:19 pm)

Title: Red Right Hand
Author: KingMobUK
Characters: Miles Edgeworth and implied Manfred Von Karma.
Rating: PG13 for implied themes
Genre: Drama
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 852

There was still the faintest hint of lavender... )
... I thoroughly approve. XD

This was written by someone else as a companion piece to my fic  In Between Days, and it takes a similar snapshot of life and memories  from Phoenix's perspective on the same day.

The Ghost of You.

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( Sep. 12th, 2008 03:48 pm)

... I was feeling creative.
As part of my current bid to get back into the swing of things; organise my crap/rediscover creativity and hopefully get back to some ficcing, I thought I'd archive the other journals I have on here for RP purposes, whether , live/used/hiatused or not..

Mainly so I don't forget where they are and what they are, really, 
Nothing to see here )
I have added three short stories written in the course of LJ Roleplay - they are linked from the bottom of my Fic Index should anyone be interested. Obviously, since the character concerned is a Post GS4 Edgeworth and it was written in the context of a multi-dimensional world inhabited by AA characters from a variety of times and parallel universes, we're into AU territory all the way, BB.

So don't expect standard pairings or concepts. This is the future version of my fic Edgeworth as he would be if I wrote him in the same time period and life situation.  That is to say, he's somewhere between where he starts from in STARTING OVER and where he ends up in SOME THINGS NEVER GET OLD.

Two gen, one slash.

Not the FIRST fic I have written in a while, but the first one that makes sense as a standalone save for one about nightmares that I need to revisit. I entirely blame[info]princeoffools for giving me this plotbunny but she has also acted as my beta, so I am obliged to forgive her.

Anyway. This is mere speculation about some aspects of Phoenix's life between GS3 and GS4. It may or may not be to your tastes but it fits my view of the character.

Title: Ace of Hearts
Author: KingMobUK
Pairing: Phoenix Wright with various women
Rating: 15/R for themes
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Spoilers for Phoenix's general situation and lifestyle during game. Moderate sexual language and moderate descriptions of heterosexual sex.
Word Count: 899

...afterward she had drawn an Ace of Hearts on his chest with her blood-red lipstick...

Pics, pics, pics. Of crazy people and crowds and booths, and two Phoenix Wright cosplayers who happened to wander past the Oni Booth, and very nice peeps they were too when accosted by Crazy Lady with Camera!

Plz to ignore camhoar pics on Page One of album, someone (who shall remain nameless) wanted to see what my hair looked like when I had it cut.  And the pictures of firemen? LOL. They are for people interested in firemen, You know who you are XD

More tomorrow XD
Happy Birthday to the aforementioned [personal profile] riprosencrantz.

Dood, you're all kinds of legal now. I do, of course, expect birthday pics. High heeled boots not optional.
After a long illness, which has gradually worsened since Christmas, I'm sorry to report that my father died on Sunday after being taken into hospital last week.

His funeral will be on the 6th June at Doncaster Crematorium and donations will be directed to the Alzheimers Society and the British Diabetic Association.

Particular thanks to [personal profile] commonlogic , [profile] princeoffools , [profile] shahni  and [personal profile] riprosencrantz   for their support via IM (both intentional and unintentional) during his last illness. You guys rawk.

And yet again this week, I have been reminded of how fabulous, funny and friendly the Phoenix Wright fandom is by the good folks at the Phoenix Wright Dressing Room, in whose chatrooms and journal I have probably laughed more in a week than I have in a year. I currently seriously have stomach muscle pain from laughing at the Dr Hotti thread yesterday, and from Young Larry's general responses to my character whenever he appears.

For anyone in the fandom *not* familiar with the Phoenix Wright Dressing Room at

[profile] pwdressingroom, it's a fandom RP that's aimed at anyone who wants to interact in character in the PW Universe (or even on the distant edges of it with AU characters and the like). You don't need to apply, you don't need to jump through hoops to join, and you don't need to worry about not being able to play your favourite character because there are multiples of just about everyone - that's kind of the point.  You can bring characters you use regularly elsewhere, or just put one together for this RP only. It's a case of throw 'em all in together - any timeline, any AU - and see what happens. There must be at least a dozen various Phoenixes and Edgeworths running around, not to mention at least three Gants and half-a-dozen Emas. This has created multiple moments of sheer genius and the people who thought the place up deserve much credit for it. IN particular [profile] jessmacphisto, who I believe was the driving force XD

I've never RPed in my life before and am unlikely to anywhere else, but I'll try anything once and I thought it would be amusing to stick my fic-canon older Edgeworth in there (with a couple of minor tweaks of backstory) and see how he fared. I never expected him to survive a day, to be honest, because I hadn't got a damned clue what i was doing, he was never conceived as an RP character and he doesn't lend himself well to crack or comedy.

I'm pretty sure a whole bunch of people knew he was mine the minute he turned up but luckily I have no shame.  Surprisingly, he has now survived meetings with multiple selves, child selves, dead dads, an earthquake and Von Karma... without running screaming from the room. I doubt I'd ever be good enough or thorough enough to RP anywhere else ever again but damn, I've been having fun in there, so I wanted to give it a shout out.

In particular, my character has had/been having the best times with [profile] young_frills, [profile] young_innocence, [profile] detonatingly[profile] ghostshield(so much love for that Nick, best one in the RP IMO even though he's technically AU), [profile] i_think_wright(also a fantastic Nick, again AU, beautifully characterised), [profile] g_edgeworth, [profile] mylittlehobo[profile] bluffing_ruffleand [profile] pfauhahn (My Miles lurves his big sister).

I'm pretty sure that there are a few folks playing over there that also read this journal and I'm curious how many characters the Prof has run into that are handled by people passing through here.  So lets try something - if you *are* playing at the Dressing Room, post in response to this with each of your characters just so I can do a head count (I'm not going to make you fess up to your real IDs doods, you're okay - I'm more curious about the number of characters I know than I am about knowing who their muns are).


I never thought I would see the day!

Not sure if the secret makes a LOT of sense. But I can forgive that for the sight of Luther Arkwright being utterly fabulous. The artwork makes my knees weak (and that's nothing to do with Luther himself).

Ahah! It's just so cool to see something on [community profile] fandom_secretsthat is so obscure to that list but so not obscure to me - it's like  role reversal for me because usually I'm the one going "huh, what's that meant to reference? Kids today, mutter mutter."

(No idea who posted it by the way, secrets are anonymous).

And yes, [personal profile] commonlogic, that IS a grey-haired man that you see there in that comic. You may want to look him up XD 

Bryan Talbot's fanpage, if anyone is inetrested.

[personal profile] fabfemmeboy's "When Straight Teens Write Slash" rant over at [community profile] fanficrants, in which he lets loose on the sort of misconceptions that abound in the world of slash and yaoi about, you know, real people who happen to also be gay. Rarely do I laugh so much at posts on FFR, but this one got me, as most of it is stuff I have read many, many times over. Although he should probably be aware that it isn't, in fact, confined to teens.

You can read the whole rant here (it's not particularly explicit, but maybe not entirely safe for work)

Meanwhile, here's two or three gems for those who want to click later:

1) Some guys cry. Some guys don't. It has nothing to do with who does what in bed.

14) The dynamic between gay and straight couples is different. It's also different from the dynamic in lesbian pairings. The way two people interact, how they touch each other in private or in public, any number of little things that you don't really notice until couples are put side-by-side to compare. Gay couples aren't the same as straight couples - we don't have a man and a woman and the dynamic associated with that. We're both guys. That means something, no matter how effeminate we may be.

15) If a previously-"straight acting" (or overall masculine) guy sleeps with a gay guy, he won't turn into a flaming queen. We don't recruit quite that much. He might feel slightly more secure in his masculinity over time, enough to where he can admit he doesn't entirely hate techno music, but he's not going to sudden wake up and squeal "Oh GOD, girl! Get OUT with that Michael Kors top! SOOO fabulous!"

23) Not all gay couples feel the instant need to settle down, adopt a child or two, and have a fabulously-decorated house. Some of us feel no need to get married as soon as it were to be legalized. Some of us don't even feel the intense desire to create a child using one partner's sperm and the eggs from that partner's best friend (gasp! I know!). 

1) Sleep
2) A long, hot, foamy bath
3) Good food
4) A good book
5) CSI: New York
6) Housework

That has about summed up my day today. It's been a lazy one and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. The only Internet stuff I have done at all is pick up a few emails and mess about on the PW Dressing Room briefly.

Tomorrow will be back to SRS BZNZ. XD
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( Jan. 30th, 2008 04:25 pm)

Presently relevant to my writing, I think XD

"Michelangelo worked from within. He described not the excitements of touching or seeing a man but the excitement of being Man." - Quentin Crisp

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( Jan. 30th, 2008 02:52 pm)
So I preordered the US version from Play-Asia. £15 including delivery. £15 cheaper than waiting until (allegedly) March and going into Game in Burnley to buy it. Gotta love the gaming companies and their insane Europrices and release dates.

I have never bought a game before that I feel so torn about (partly why I don't want to pay £30 for it). I don't know whether I actually want to play it or not given that I know some of the plot and feel somewhat DO NOT WANT about specific parts of it. Sigh. Morbid curiosity wins, I guess. At least Odoroki as a character seems fun (apart from the fact that he looks about 13).


I have no idea what to say to that, except... what a peculiar week.

I had wondered why someone favorited that fic on FFNet this evening. Heh.
Yesterday I caught the bus up to Manchester (less chance of being followed) to rendezvous mysteriously with the PW Agent known as "Tellezara". 

 We met in China Town, of course - all agents should make sure that at some point in their career they take the opportunity for a moody shot of them leaning against a Chinese arch, meaningfully smoking a cigarette).

After exchanging the secret password (Question: Naru? Answer: Mitsu!) we repaired to the nearby premises of a world-reknowned purveyor of beverages. There, we found a table where we could observe the door, and proceeded to exchange dubiously legal foreign documents across the table whilst sipping fine coffee from the depths of the Brazilian rainforests.


I'm trying to make it sound more dramatic, but the truth is, I met up with Maz and we spent all afternoon being complete and utter fangirls - talking PW, comparing writing geekery, giggling at norty doujins and drinking coffee. It was fab! I had a great time, and I hope we can do it again one day XD 

Unfortunately, Maz, I realised when I got home that I forgot to give you the present I brought for you as a thank you for being a great and patient beta.  I am made of phail now that I am old and grey, and one giggling fit just blanks my mind. Heh.

I expect we entertained the waiter a good deal XD
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( Jan. 27th, 2008 01:16 am)
Title: The Fourth Man
Author: KingMobUK
Characters: Miles Edgeworth (yeah, yeah, I know - shock, horror, etc.)
Word Count: 470
Warnings: None, except spoilers for 1:2
Challenge: Red (for the prosecution)

I wrote this today for the Gyakuten100 list's weekly challenge. It's, um, a bit tangential this to the challenge, but it popped into my head as a result of a review I got for Holy Space on FFNet this morning (thanks Rin-Neechan!).

Er, yeah. Red=Redd, in case anyone is confused. I know I am. Still not sure I got over what I wanted to say here as there's double and triple meanings everywhere and my head exploded at around word 200. Hey ho. Oh yeah, and the genre is angst, as if you couldn't guess.

Fic is here on the GS100 List.


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