Happy Birthday to the aforementioned [personal profile] riprosencrantz.

Dood, you're all kinds of legal now. I do, of course, expect birthday pics. High heeled boots not optional.
OK since I've been outted already by one of youse, yeah I admit it, it's my birthday.

Unfortunately since I'm a) too old to get happy about this shit b) have 'flu right now c) am suffering bad insomnia that is preventing more than 2 hours sleep a night and d) have writer's block which combined with c) is severely affecting a request I was attempting to fill on the kink meme ...


Also, I did not get a card from my OH this morning. I am not sure whether I am sulking about that or not. I may sulk just because it's a good excuse and I feel like crap.

On the plus side, my office-colleague bought me minty chocolates and so I love her. She also proofreads for me sometimes even if there is lawyercest involved so I love her even more. In fact, I may run away with her to the Caribbean. or something.


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