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( Oct. 31st, 2007 10:54 am)
I spent two hours trying to edit two measly paragraphs last night. TWO HOURS.

Clearly, the editing muse is not with me and lack of feedback from betas is weighing me down as I vacillate indecisively over chapter content. Need to kick self in arse repeatedly.

Today I am very tired indeed and have an involuntary eye-twitch.

However, I am still deriving amusement in the form of unexpected snorts of laughter when I think about "Sylar's caramelised pears" so thanks for that, [personal profile] apiphile  :)
Yep. We are mad.

This weekend we're taking the dogs lure-coursing down in Peterborough. This means they get to chase (or not, in Connor's case) plastic bags on wires up and down a field while we stand around having our arms yanked out of their sockets by the other dogs that aren't currently racing.

Rosie has never tried this before and I suspect will actually end up getting disqualified for trying to play with the other dog rather than race against it.  If Connor is on the same form as last year he will a) try to rip off the Slipper's fingers then b) run 5 yards and then c) come back looking for his Mum.  Then he gives me a "it's only a plastic bag, why should I chase that????" look. *Sigh*. Fortunately it's all for charidee so I don't mind that we have useless lurchers - at least they're pretty to look at :)

We will be camping thereafter at the East Of England showground which is a Godforsaken, windswept hole (note to self; MUST PACK ALCOHOL) and staying over till Sunday because I'm stuffed if I'm driving home up the A1 on a Saturday evening.  2 adults and 2 lurchers in one 3 man tent.  Hm. We managed last year when we had Jade The Greyhound in tow, but this year we have Rosie the Wookiee and I Fear For The Neighbours if she decides to start serenading passers by in the middle of the night.

On the bright side I get to have a break from writing. This week I am having an "everything I write is shit" week so not inspired.  A weekend away standing in a field freezing and being knackered should do me good! If nothing else it will bring out my inner grouch :)
It's one of those days at work. The ones where nothing goes quite as you'd hoped and other people are an obstacle to progress. Sigh.

Added to which I'm having character-getting-into problems with the writing. Clearly I am a method writer and this week I am too cheerful to be Miles Edgeworth. Less sleep, more coffee next weekend I think!


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