[profile] silverhalo  totally drew a picture based on a suggestion I made on one of the comms for Phoenix Wright Xmas art. AND I TOTALLY MISSED SEEING IT BECAUSE I WAS AWAY FOR XMAS AND HAD NO INTERNET ACCESS.

Man, I am so sorry I didn't see it earlier because it's just tooooo cute! I have now rectified this by printing out a copy to add to my growing gallery at work. I don't care if it's not seasonal any more, I LOVE IT.

Mine is the child Miles and child Phoenix (as if you couldn't guess!). But the other pics are completely lovely too XD


This time for "All The Right Notes". I do love my fandom to bits - it's way too full of nice and talented people!


kingmobuk: (P&M&E as Kids. Icon by me.)
( Nov. 13th, 2007 10:26 am)
This time for the MASTER OF EASTLAW story. Cuteness and cornflowers abound!  By [profile] floofeh_one:

(Links are worksafe)

"...neither of them was quite sure how it came about, and both of them were quite sure that it was a sin. However, if it was, it was one that they repeated many times in the course of that summer, hidden among the meadowgrass with the cornflowers bobbing above their heads."

kingmobuk: (Not Gay. Icon by?)
( Oct. 20th, 2007 12:10 am)
A very lovely lady has drawn a piece of fanart based on a scene in one of my stories! I'm incredibly flattered and it's very cute :)

Edgeworth and Pearl Fluff and Cuteness:

"Edgeworth was sitting at the breakfast bar, perched on a stool, hair wet from a recent shower, He turned slightly as Phoenix entered the room and to the defence attorney’s complete astonishment he noticed that Pearls was ensconced on the man’s knee." 



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