I never thought I would see the day!

Not sure if the secret makes a LOT of sense. But I can forgive that for the sight of Luther Arkwright being utterly fabulous. The artwork makes my knees weak (and that's nothing to do with Luther himself).

Ahah! It's just so cool to see something on [community profile] fandom_secretsthat is so obscure to that list but so not obscure to me - it's like  role reversal for me because usually I'm the one going "huh, what's that meant to reference? Kids today, mutter mutter."

(No idea who posted it by the way, secrets are anonymous).

And yes, [personal profile] commonlogic, that IS a grey-haired man that you see there in that comic. You may want to look him up XD 

Bryan Talbot's fanpage, if anyone is inetrested.



I have no idea what to say to that, except... what a peculiar week.

I had wondered why someone favorited that fic on FFNet this evening. Heh.


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