Hahahah!  I'm so happy we've gotten back in touch.  Ah nostalgia - it makes my heart sing!

So the other day I was musing on how to get in touch with people that I went to Uni with, was in the TA with or spent a lot of time hanging out in my hometown with. I'm fairly selective about who I *want* to get in touch with if I'm honest - there's generally good reasons why I walked away from school, Uni etc. without a backward glance. 

I'm very good at that it has to be said. Out of sight out of mind should be on my coat of arms or something, It's partly a hangover from being raised as an only child and partly a defence mechanism that I learned at University I think. 

But you get older and I think there's a point when you say hmmm  "I never really did tell X person or Y person how much they meant to me at the time. Maybe I was a bitch just breaking off contact. Maybe a quick email and a thanks would do it".

I have no existing friends from my school days and one from University. I still occasionally see friends I knew from my home town and last time it happened we talked as it nowt had happened in terms of passage of time.

So I made a bit of an effort the last couple of weeks, setting up on Facebook and Myspace and doing a few Internet searches.

What do you know. In the space of 2 weeks I have managed to get in touch with someone from University, who was very important to me back then, and with 2 folks that I served with in the TA, both of whom I have very fond memories of. In addition, one of them has passed on to me the telephone number of my then best female friend.

Still no-one turned up from my home town. Unfortunately I think that I am of that age that was on the cusp of the Internet and while I embraced it, just as many did not and the chances of finding them online other than through hit and miss is unlikely.

It's a shame, really. I really do suck very badly at staying friends.



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