Yesterday it was a year to the day that Madame Rosie (aka Hyper! Princess Roojii) came to live with us c/o Lurcher Link and wonder-foster-Mum Andrea.

Existing hound Connor (aka Kaos!Prince Konar) wasn't sure about this new arrangement - his personal space and physical contact issues being what they are, the notion of having a permanent sister/friend/girlfriend was a bit of a shock to the system and we had to deal with plenty of "Eep Don't touch me! You can't sleep next to me! I can't sleep with another dog in the room! I can't share the sofa!" for a good few months. 

He's still not entirely sure a year later, to be honest, but she's worked her magic on him and now he lets her lick his ears, share the sofa with impunity and the games of bitey-face and lurcher-wrestling are a constant and ongoing event. It's like sharing the house with Clouseau and Kato as they hide round corners to leap out on each other (and sometimes us) with the dog equivalent of "HAH! TAKE THAT!"

In terms of us - I think she's realised that we are the comfiest dog beds in the house and has turned into a veritable lap dog, and a complete Daddy's girl.  I'm glad, really, because Connor is a total Mummy's boy and now Antony has his own little shadow, who worms her way under the duvet to cuddle up to him or sneaks next to him on the sofa XD

In short, it feels like she's been here forever, and she's greatly loved by all of us (including Connor, although he'd never be caught dead saying anything as sentimental as that).

Happy gotcha day, missus XD

kingmobuk: (Rollins Cat.)
( Jan. 14th, 2008 01:31 pm)

I just heard some tragic news.  Jenny is a Canadian lady living local to me who I met through one of the lurcher rescue messageboards. I homechecked her over a year ago and last time I saw her in September, she had a rescued racing greyhound called Maple and a beautiful young lurcher called Griff, barely more than a year old, and one of the most handsome and good-natured lurchers I have ever encountered.

Jenny was out walking with her dogs yesterday, when somehow Griff managed to make his way onto the nearby railway line where he was sadly killed by an oncoming train. Bad enough that it happened at all, but even worse, she was the one who discovered the remains of his body.

Griff was a lovely, gangly lad, without a bad bone in his body. He was much loved by everyone who met him, and especially by Jenny and her three small children. He will be sorely missed.

Any good thoughts that anyone could spare for Jenny and her family would surely be appreciated, and many of us who knew her will be taking time out today to remember a very special dog who deserved many more years on this earth than he was allotted.

Goodbye Griff - run free in the wind, big lad XXXX



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