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Title: Red Right Hand
Author: KingMobUK
Characters: Miles Edgeworth and implied Manfred Von Karma.
Rating: PG13 for implied themes
Genre: Drama
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 852

There was still the faintest hint of lavender... )
I have added three short stories written in the course of LJ Roleplay - they are linked from the bottom of my Fic Index should anyone be interested. Obviously, since the character concerned is a Post GS4 Edgeworth and it was written in the context of a multi-dimensional world inhabited by AA characters from a variety of times and parallel universes, we're into AU territory all the way, BB.

So don't expect standard pairings or concepts. This is the future version of my fic Edgeworth as he would be if I wrote him in the same time period and life situation.  That is to say, he's somewhere between where he starts from in STARTING OVER and where he ends up in SOME THINGS NEVER GET OLD.

Two gen, one slash.
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Title: The Fourth Man
Author: KingMobUK
Characters: Miles Edgeworth (yeah, yeah, I know - shock, horror, etc.)
Word Count: 470
Warnings: None, except spoilers for 1:2
Challenge: Red (for the prosecution)

I wrote this today for the Gyakuten100 list's weekly challenge. It's, um, a bit tangential this to the challenge, but it popped into my head as a result of a review I got for Holy Space on FFNet this morning (thanks Rin-Neechan!).

Er, yeah. Red=Redd, in case anyone is confused. I know I am. Still not sure I got over what I wanted to say here as there's double and triple meanings everywhere and my head exploded at around word 200. Hey ho. Oh yeah, and the genre is angst, as if you couldn't guess.

Fic is here on the GS100 List.
[ profile] apiphile suggested I start one of these a while back, before it was too late and I was unable to find stuff. Better late than never since I have an hour to myself today. This is mainly an index for my own reference really.


Filling-In-Canon Stuff

Awakenings - post 2:4. Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Maya Fey, Pearl Fey. My first ever fic and I have a love/hate relationship with it. Exploration of Phoenix/Edgeworth friendship on the heels of 2:4, basically.

Starting Over - post 1:4 Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth.  Looks at the fallout from 1:4 which is not detailed in the games. Both Phoenix and Miles have lost something dear to them in the wake of Miles' trial. Loneliness brings people together.

Auld Lang Syne - post 1:4, follows on from Starting Over. Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Phoenix and Edgeworth try to rekindle their friendship after fifteen years.

The Book Of My Life - post 1:4, follows on from Auld Lang Syne. MIles Edgeworth. Miles Edgeworth reflects on his life, his mistakes, and what he has lost.

An Accident Waiting To Happen - post 1:5, follows on from Book of my Life. Phoenix Wright, Detective Gumshoe. When Gumshoe calls, Phoenix Wright knows it's not likely to be good news. He's right.

Holy Space - post 1:5. Miles Edgeworth, Franziska Von Karma, original side characters. Off-screen Phoenix Wright, Manfred Von Karma, Damon Gant and Gregory Edgeworth. Miles Edgeworth discovers that sometimes the only way to face up to your ghosts is to run away. In-progress 5 chapter fic. Warning for slash, and spoilers for GS1, GS2 and GS3:4. IN PROGRESS.

Alternative Universes

Brother, My Cup Is Empty - post 1:4. Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Written for the kink meme, it follows on from Auld Lang Syne in my head-canon, but takes an AU diversion into how things might have gone if Phoenix had found out about Edgeworth's personal crisis in time. When Edgeworth goes missing unexpectedly, it's up to Phoenix to track him down. Drama. Warning for alcohol abuse and swearing.

Master of Eastlaw Part One - Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix/Miles Victorian AU with Miles as the son of a nobleman and Phoenix as the super-hot stablehand. Written in parody of Victorian novels for amusement and laffs. Drama.

Random Shorts, One Shots, Comedies and Drabbles

Red Right Hand - Miles Edgeworth. Two years after Manfred Von Karma made him the offer to become his mentor, Miles reflects on what he's done and what he wants to become. Drama. Originally written for [ profile] edensphere .

Happy New Year - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Written for the "Explosions" fic challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Sometimes friends can be poles apart and never realise it.

Let It Snow - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Written for the "Youth" fic challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Snow brings out the child in everyone, even attorneys-at-law. Fluff.

Insomnia - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Written for the "Dreams" fic challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Miles watches Phoenix sleep. Drama. Warning for two men in bed together if that sort of thing bothers you.

Disinheritance - Mia Fey. Written for the "motivation" challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Mia Fey makes a choice about her career. Drama.

The Fourth Man - Miles Edgeworth. Written for the "red" challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Miles Edgeworth looks back at Case 1:2 and how it nearly cost him his sanity. Angst.

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix wants to spice up their lovelife, but Edgeworth isn't keen on his suggestion. Comedy.

Funny Business - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix has had a bad day at work, but maybe Miles Edgeworth can help with that. PWP involving fairly mild smut. Warning for slash.

Some Things Never Get Old - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. 25 years on from GS1, Phoenix is feeling his age. Fluff. Warning for gay romance, if that is likely to offend you.

Do You Come Here Often? - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. When Miles Edgeworth has too much to drink one night, the evening becomes somewhat surreal. Comedy.

211 - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Stopping for beer at a convenience store one night has tragic consequences. Drama. Warning for character death and a loving gay couple, if that sort of thing bothers you.

All The Right Notes - Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix tries to teach Miles to play the piano. Snark and UST abound. Comedy/drama. Warning for swearing.

Eye of the Beholder - Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Miles Edgeworth reflects on his changing feelings for Phoenix Wright after 2:4. Drama/Fluff.

Cuckoo - Manfred Von Karma. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Manfred Von Karma reflects on a decade of raising Miles Edgeworth. Drama.

Rainy Days and Rainbows - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. A memory from Phoenix's childhood has a parallel in the present day. Fluff.

Ask Me Anything - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. When Phoenix suggests using the magatama in the bedroom, Miles should have said no. Psychological horror, I guess. I think so anyway XD. Warning for mutual dubious-consent and non-explicit slash.

Close Your Eyes - Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright, un-named Manfred Von Karma. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Bad memories from Miles' past surface when he least wants them to. Warning for non-consensual sex, slash and abuse by parent figure. Drama.

Sweet Revenge - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, WInston Payne. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. When Edgeworth snubs his lover in the courtroom canteen he's just asking for trouble. Comedy. Warning for erotic use of soft fruit and bad acting.

Roses In December - Miles Edgeworth, original character. Originally written for the PW Kink meme. Teenage Miles has sex for the first time, but he probably could have picked a better place, if not a better person.  Drama/erotica.  Warning for reasonably explicit sex and slash (consensual).

Remembrances - Adult Pearl Fey. Originally written for the PW Kink meme. Not all stories have happy endings. Drama/angst.

Hands Clean - Teen Miles Edgeworth, Manfred Von Karma. Originally written for the PW Kink meme. Miles confuses sex with affection when Manfred rescues him from the dark. Warning for non-explicit slash and borderline dub-con/legal relationship. Drama/angst.

Post GS3 Stories (Minor spoilers for GS4 throughout in regard to Phoenix's situation and character names)

High And Dry - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. The drabble that started this sequence of fics, originally written for the "Sacrifice" fic challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Phoenix makes a decision he may live to regret. Drama.

Scream Quietly - Phoenix Wright. A week later, Phoenix has to deal with his actions in H&D. Drama. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme.

Ace of Hearts - Phoenix Wright. Snapshot of Phoenix's life during the seven years between games, and the relationships he has with the girls at the Borscht. Drama. Warning for moderate sexual language and descriptions (heterosexual).

Echoes From The Past - Apollo Justice. Characters from all 4 games mentioned. Seven years on from H&D, Apollo Justice finds some memorabilia in a dusty filing cabinet that tells him more than he ever expected to learn about Phoenix's past life. Drama. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme.

In Between Days - Miles Edgeworth, original side character. 15 months on from H&D, Miles Edgeworth reflects on his past relationship with Phoenix. Drama. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix's side of the story can be found here, written by [ profile] mysticcage.

Role Play Specific Stories (Minor Spoilers and AU characters, incidents and pairings).

Nightmare #1 (PWDR) - Miles Edgeworth (Post-GS4 AU). Some things he will never forget. Drama. A piece I wrote to illustrate one future Edgeworth's nightmares.

Nightmare #2 (PWDR) - Miles Edgeworth (Post-GS4 AU). As above.

Drowning in Berlin (PWDR) - Miles Edgeworth (Post-GS4 AU).  Written as an epilogue to a thread on [ profile] ic_secrets between Miles and Kristoph Gavin (GS4-era AU). Drama. Warning for non-explicit slash, breathplay and, obviously, a very AU pairing.
Written today to try and fill a badly written hole in Chapter Two of my WIP. Does it sound feasible, or far too emo?

Ha ha! No idea where this came from when I was trying to plot something else entirely.

 I've been tidying this section up a bit and thought I'd post a chunk here as it ties in neatly with the CUCKOO short that I wrote last week. This, of course, is from Miles' POV.

God Von Karma is such a bastard.
... you wake up with the realisation that you've just had a bad dream about the life of the character you're currently writing 0_o

Weird. And slightly spooky, actually. Miles Edgeworth's headspace? DO NOT WANT.
Title: High and Dry
Author: KingMobUK
Pairing/Characters: Miles Edgeworth/Phoenix Wright
Word Count: 400 words exactly
Warning: Mild Spoilers for GS4

As an antidote to the lawyer fluff picture here's a bit of lawyer angst written for the [profile] gyakuten100short fiction weekly challenge. This was written for the "Sacrifice" challenge. Very wangsty, and you can hear the breaking hearts of a thousand fangirls in the background *snort*. Takes place 7 years before Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, 3 months after Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations and is an attempt to deal with an issue in the new canon. I haven't played GS4 so only very basic and already "out there" info is in here ie. Phoenix's situation and a couple of localised character names and there's no direct spoilers for T&T or the other games. No smut, chaps. Del, you'll probably hate it :)

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A very lovely lady has drawn a piece of fanart based on a scene in one of my stories! I'm incredibly flattered and it's very cute :)

Edgeworth and Pearl Fluff and Cuteness:

"Edgeworth was sitting at the breakfast bar, perched on a stool, hair wet from a recent shower, He turned slightly as Phoenix entered the room and to the defence attorney’s complete astonishment he noticed that Pearls was ensconced on the man’s knee." 

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Well we're now at 5 parts and 25,000 words-ish although that may be trimmed or expanded on depending on feedback from my lovely beta readers and proofers.

Just an update really to thank folks on here whose information has been invaluable so far:

Chris - your tailor is making an appearance although as I havern't met him you'll have to bear with my creative license!

Karon - I didn't use the churches you provided but following your links I did find La Saint-Chapelle also on Ile De La Citie and it's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.  In point of fact I didn't use it for the emo moment I had originally intended but it's working out well for a more important scene towards the end.

Burge - tea in Paree is still being worked in and I haven't specifically been to the Marais yet but you have led me to some ... interesting ... websites that have been most informative about the pick-up culture in Paris.  Also after looking at Karon's info on Laduree I have been able to fictionally construct a cafe that feels about right.

So all in all - RESULT! Cheers, all!
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Fairly colloquially as opposed to in a phrasebook kinda way.

I need a line translating and I'm not sure if I can trust online translation tools or my own tortured memories of O Level class.
Okay, so I'm tentatively plotting out a (fanfic) story that would take place in London and Paris over a year, roughly - Feb - Feb.

Geographically I am alright with Teh London but while I know some about Teh Paris I have never actually been there. And by God if I'm going to write about Paris, even in a fanfic,  I want it to be halfway accurate.

1) TEA IN PARIS (the most important things surely)

I've already read anw's journal of Paris so I know that tea can be had in the right places (this is important as my character is a serious tea drinker).  My character has sadly suffered from stories where he is depicted as drinking herbal muck before, due to some strange misapprehension by colonials about what constitutes a good cup of tea. 

So I'd like to have him drinking some proper tea to put the record straight. He would incline to an upscale or fairly old-fashioned place. He would also not be averse to having it served by attractive and possibly exotic waiters. The question therefore is - what and where would be the best area of Paris to find an establishment like this to have him drink tea in and what kinds of tea might be on the menu? Even name a cafe if you like - this story is set several years in the future but not *that* far.


My character would be practicing contract or business law for a small firm while living in Paris. Is there a particular sector of the city where small law offices are more likely to be located? And in that case would there be an area nearby that would be relatively upscale but still "older" that an apartment could be maintained?


There may be need for an obligatory emotional scene to do with being bereaved due to continuity obligations - where would be a good place to go off and have a brood (and then a nice cup of tea)?


Bearing in mind that the character is quite wealthy, very fussy, and inclines to slightly archaic tastes (specifically silk cravats and odd colours), I need a suggestion of a good tailor in London where he might have his suits made and thence shipped to either Germany, Los Angeles or Paris, according to where he's residing.

He would have attended University at either Cambridge or Oxford at some point and would therefore be familiar with London. He is in his mid twenties but fairly reserved so a tailor where he wouldn't have to run into anyone else while there would be best.


The character is trying to keep hidden to a reasonable degree, but he would be pathologically unable to sleep in a cheap hotel. A suggestion of somewhere amart but discreet that he might stay for a few days would be useful.


What's the deal with passports etc. and the Eurostar? My character would have both a US and a German passport (I know about the difficult of being a German dual national but that's going to have to be one of those "in the future it changed" things). I'd prefer for him to be able to move from London to Paris without it being flagged up by customs or the police but if that's not possible I'll have to come up with something else.

Thanks for any help on any of these poiints that anyone can give!


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