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Why do I always miss the Phoenix Wright years at San Diego Comic Con.

A PLAYABLE DEMO! And the merch looks cute XD

Coming soon to an eBay store near you either as a set or individually! Unfortunately at outrageous delivery charges. Maybe next month when I am done overhauling our household linen cupboard and if I have some cash left.

I gather these were vending machine prizes before they started hitting Yahoo Japan.

I am laughing so hard even as I am sending my proxy bidders into action. Between this and the teacups I feel that my frippery desires will be satisfied for months to come.

Not the FIRST fic I have written in a while, but the first one that makes sense as a standalone save for one about nightmares that I need to revisit. I entirely blame[info]princeoffools for giving me this plotbunny but she has also acted as my beta, so I am obliged to forgive her.

Anyway. This is mere speculation about some aspects of Phoenix's life between GS3 and GS4. It may or may not be to your tastes but it fits my view of the character.

Title: Ace of Hearts
Author: KingMobUK
Pairing: Phoenix Wright with various women
Rating: 15/R for themes
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Spoilers for Phoenix's general situation and lifestyle during game. Moderate sexual language and moderate descriptions of heterosexual sex.
Word Count: 899

...afterward she had drawn an Ace of Hearts on his chest with her blood-red lipstick...


I have no idea what to say to that, except... what a peculiar week.

I had wondered why someone favorited that fic on FFNet this evening. Heh.
Yesterday I caught the bus up to Manchester (less chance of being followed) to rendezvous mysteriously with the PW Agent known as "Tellezara". 

 We met in China Town, of course - all agents should make sure that at some point in their career they take the opportunity for a moody shot of them leaning against a Chinese arch, meaningfully smoking a cigarette).

After exchanging the secret password (Question: Naru? Answer: Mitsu!) we repaired to the nearby premises of a world-reknowned purveyor of beverages. There, we found a table where we could observe the door, and proceeded to exchange dubiously legal foreign documents across the table whilst sipping fine coffee from the depths of the Brazilian rainforests.


I'm trying to make it sound more dramatic, but the truth is, I met up with Maz and we spent all afternoon being complete and utter fangirls - talking PW, comparing writing geekery, giggling at norty doujins and drinking coffee. It was fab! I had a great time, and I hope we can do it again one day XD 

Unfortunately, Maz, I realised when I got home that I forgot to give you the present I brought for you as a thank you for being a great and patient beta.  I am made of phail now that I am old and grey, and one giggling fit just blanks my mind. Heh.

I expect we entertained the waiter a good deal XD
So... when you get an invoice from an eBay seller who you don't (knowingly) know, and in it the seller compliments your take on a particular character in your stories, is this a sign that maybe having only two alter-egos online for a decade was perhaps a mistake?

I laughed, anyways XD

Thank you to "rareromance" on eBay for making me giggle over breakfast.  I'm sure my Edgeworth is blushing, somewhere, over his morning pot of organic assam.
[ profile] apiphile suggested I start one of these a while back, before it was too late and I was unable to find stuff. Better late than never since I have an hour to myself today. This is mainly an index for my own reference really.


Filling-In-Canon Stuff

Awakenings - post 2:4. Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Maya Fey, Pearl Fey. My first ever fic and I have a love/hate relationship with it. Exploration of Phoenix/Edgeworth friendship on the heels of 2:4, basically.

Starting Over - post 1:4 Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth.  Looks at the fallout from 1:4 which is not detailed in the games. Both Phoenix and Miles have lost something dear to them in the wake of Miles' trial. Loneliness brings people together.

Auld Lang Syne - post 1:4, follows on from Starting Over. Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Phoenix and Edgeworth try to rekindle their friendship after fifteen years.

The Book Of My Life - post 1:4, follows on from Auld Lang Syne. MIles Edgeworth. Miles Edgeworth reflects on his life, his mistakes, and what he has lost.

An Accident Waiting To Happen - post 1:5, follows on from Book of my Life. Phoenix Wright, Detective Gumshoe. When Gumshoe calls, Phoenix Wright knows it's not likely to be good news. He's right.

Holy Space - post 1:5. Miles Edgeworth, Franziska Von Karma, original side characters. Off-screen Phoenix Wright, Manfred Von Karma, Damon Gant and Gregory Edgeworth. Miles Edgeworth discovers that sometimes the only way to face up to your ghosts is to run away. In-progress 5 chapter fic. Warning for slash, and spoilers for GS1, GS2 and GS3:4. IN PROGRESS.

Alternative Universes

Brother, My Cup Is Empty - post 1:4. Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Written for the kink meme, it follows on from Auld Lang Syne in my head-canon, but takes an AU diversion into how things might have gone if Phoenix had found out about Edgeworth's personal crisis in time. When Edgeworth goes missing unexpectedly, it's up to Phoenix to track him down. Drama. Warning for alcohol abuse and swearing.

Master of Eastlaw Part One - Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix/Miles Victorian AU with Miles as the son of a nobleman and Phoenix as the super-hot stablehand. Written in parody of Victorian novels for amusement and laffs. Drama.

Random Shorts, One Shots, Comedies and Drabbles

Red Right Hand - Miles Edgeworth. Two years after Manfred Von Karma made him the offer to become his mentor, Miles reflects on what he's done and what he wants to become. Drama. Originally written for [ profile] edensphere .

Happy New Year - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Written for the "Explosions" fic challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Sometimes friends can be poles apart and never realise it.

Let It Snow - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Written for the "Youth" fic challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Snow brings out the child in everyone, even attorneys-at-law. Fluff.

Insomnia - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Written for the "Dreams" fic challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Miles watches Phoenix sleep. Drama. Warning for two men in bed together if that sort of thing bothers you.

Disinheritance - Mia Fey. Written for the "motivation" challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Mia Fey makes a choice about her career. Drama.

The Fourth Man - Miles Edgeworth. Written for the "red" challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Miles Edgeworth looks back at Case 1:2 and how it nearly cost him his sanity. Angst.

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix wants to spice up their lovelife, but Edgeworth isn't keen on his suggestion. Comedy.

Funny Business - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix has had a bad day at work, but maybe Miles Edgeworth can help with that. PWP involving fairly mild smut. Warning for slash.

Some Things Never Get Old - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. 25 years on from GS1, Phoenix is feeling his age. Fluff. Warning for gay romance, if that is likely to offend you.

Do You Come Here Often? - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. When Miles Edgeworth has too much to drink one night, the evening becomes somewhat surreal. Comedy.

211 - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Stopping for beer at a convenience store one night has tragic consequences. Drama. Warning for character death and a loving gay couple, if that sort of thing bothers you.

All The Right Notes - Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix tries to teach Miles to play the piano. Snark and UST abound. Comedy/drama. Warning for swearing.

Eye of the Beholder - Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Miles Edgeworth reflects on his changing feelings for Phoenix Wright after 2:4. Drama/Fluff.

Cuckoo - Manfred Von Karma. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Manfred Von Karma reflects on a decade of raising Miles Edgeworth. Drama.

Rainy Days and Rainbows - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. A memory from Phoenix's childhood has a parallel in the present day. Fluff.

Ask Me Anything - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. When Phoenix suggests using the magatama in the bedroom, Miles should have said no. Psychological horror, I guess. I think so anyway XD. Warning for mutual dubious-consent and non-explicit slash.

Close Your Eyes - Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright, un-named Manfred Von Karma. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Bad memories from Miles' past surface when he least wants them to. Warning for non-consensual sex, slash and abuse by parent figure. Drama.

Sweet Revenge - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, WInston Payne. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. When Edgeworth snubs his lover in the courtroom canteen he's just asking for trouble. Comedy. Warning for erotic use of soft fruit and bad acting.

Roses In December - Miles Edgeworth, original character. Originally written for the PW Kink meme. Teenage Miles has sex for the first time, but he probably could have picked a better place, if not a better person.  Drama/erotica.  Warning for reasonably explicit sex and slash (consensual).

Remembrances - Adult Pearl Fey. Originally written for the PW Kink meme. Not all stories have happy endings. Drama/angst.

Hands Clean - Teen Miles Edgeworth, Manfred Von Karma. Originally written for the PW Kink meme. Miles confuses sex with affection when Manfred rescues him from the dark. Warning for non-explicit slash and borderline dub-con/legal relationship. Drama/angst.

Post GS3 Stories (Minor spoilers for GS4 throughout in regard to Phoenix's situation and character names)

High And Dry - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. The drabble that started this sequence of fics, originally written for the "Sacrifice" fic challenge on [ profile] gyakuten100. Phoenix makes a decision he may live to regret. Drama.

Scream Quietly - Phoenix Wright. A week later, Phoenix has to deal with his actions in H&D. Drama. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme.

Ace of Hearts - Phoenix Wright. Snapshot of Phoenix's life during the seven years between games, and the relationships he has with the girls at the Borscht. Drama. Warning for moderate sexual language and descriptions (heterosexual).

Echoes From The Past - Apollo Justice. Characters from all 4 games mentioned. Seven years on from H&D, Apollo Justice finds some memorabilia in a dusty filing cabinet that tells him more than he ever expected to learn about Phoenix's past life. Drama. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme.

In Between Days - Miles Edgeworth, original side character. 15 months on from H&D, Miles Edgeworth reflects on his past relationship with Phoenix. Drama. Originally written for the PW Kink Meme. Phoenix's side of the story can be found here, written by [ profile] mysticcage.

Role Play Specific Stories (Minor Spoilers and AU characters, incidents and pairings).

Nightmare #1 (PWDR) - Miles Edgeworth (Post-GS4 AU). Some things he will never forget. Drama. A piece I wrote to illustrate one future Edgeworth's nightmares.

Nightmare #2 (PWDR) - Miles Edgeworth (Post-GS4 AU). As above.

Drowning in Berlin (PWDR) - Miles Edgeworth (Post-GS4 AU).  Written as an epilogue to a thread on [ profile] ic_secrets between Miles and Kristoph Gavin (GS4-era AU). Drama. Warning for non-explicit slash, breathplay and, obviously, a very AU pairing.

Just looking at the amount of chat that's gone on in this journal for the last week or so, and the direction it's taken - discussion of writing, characters, motivation, etc. I'm wondering if a messageboard for PW fanfic writers wouldn't maybe be helpful?

Somewhere where writers could compare interpretetations of stuff, ask questions about canon and fanon etc. and generally fangirl away to their hearts desire without some pre-teen coming along and saying EW! YUK OMFG! I DON'T LKKE YOUR OTP YOU R SICK type of shite. Court Records hasd gone crazy since T&T came out and I can barely have a sensible conversation at all on there (I don't really try any more).

*I* personally find conversation with other creative people makes me creative and for me, that's why this Meme has been such a huge inspiration to write.   I know that not having people handy to bounce ideas off has slowed me down on my WIP amazingly (although that should now be resolved YAY!! XD)

I dunno. Not sure what I'm trying to say here, or ask, even. Not sure if it would fly. But wondering if anyone else thinks that there may be - maybe not a *need* for it as such, but, you know, at least a thought that *yeah, that might be fun/useful/cool*. It would be for writers/artists as opposed to just people who want to talk about the game. I guess I'm wondering if it might breed more GoodFic, provide somewhere for writers to develop, and just shoot the shit. We have a small fandom and I'm all for anything that would generate more fic and art.

I'm getting a real community feel from the Kink Meme and wish that could keep going after it's done.

I don't just mean for P/E fannits either although obv. there are a lot of us :) And by God we like to talk about lawyercest :)

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( Oct. 28th, 2007 11:03 pm)

[profile] lainabug's Awesome Pumpkin Of Great Justice!
Title: High and Dry
Author: KingMobUK
Pairing/Characters: Miles Edgeworth/Phoenix Wright
Word Count: 400 words exactly
Warning: Mild Spoilers for GS4

As an antidote to the lawyer fluff picture here's a bit of lawyer angst written for the [profile] gyakuten100short fiction weekly challenge. This was written for the "Sacrifice" challenge. Very wangsty, and you can hear the breaking hearts of a thousand fangirls in the background *snort*. Takes place 7 years before Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, 3 months after Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations and is an attempt to deal with an issue in the new canon. I haven't played GS4 so only very basic and already "out there" info is in here ie. Phoenix's situation and a couple of localised character names and there's no direct spoilers for T&T or the other games. No smut, chaps. Del, you'll probably hate it :)

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Here's a couple of pieces of fluff I wrote recently as entried in weekly challenges on a shortfic list I'm a  member of.  Sorry in advance to [personal profile] apiphile, who will probably throw rocks at the screen :)

Both stories involve Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright, childhood friends estranged for 15 years and now sometime enemies, sometime rivals, sometime colleagues. Obviously characters etc. belong to Capcom.

Challenge: DREAMS
Title: Insomnia - for the prosecution!
Wordcount: 200
Warnings: Some angst involved (no shit, Edgeworth is in it). No spoilers. Non sexual Teh Gay.

Challenge: YOUTH
Title: Let It Snow - for the defence!
Wordcount: 400
Warnings: None. No spoilers. All ages.

The story I am currently writing in my little corner of fandom is starting to take on a life of its own. 10,000 words already and possibly double that by the end at a guess.

I know some folks write 80,000 word epics without missing a beat but hot damn I'm not one of 'em.

Having a character exist without interactions with other familiar characters is also tricky as trying to keep "in character" becomes weird.

I think a beta reader from the fandom is going to have to be found. Not that I don't have helpful friends (damn a lot of that advice people gave me about hotels and stuff has been fabulous) but character stuff is so damn specific.


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