Yesterday I caught the bus up to Manchester (less chance of being followed) to rendezvous mysteriously with the PW Agent known as "Tellezara". 

 We met in China Town, of course - all agents should make sure that at some point in their career they take the opportunity for a moody shot of them leaning against a Chinese arch, meaningfully smoking a cigarette).

After exchanging the secret password (Question: Naru? Answer: Mitsu!) we repaired to the nearby premises of a world-reknowned purveyor of beverages. There, we found a table where we could observe the door, and proceeded to exchange dubiously legal foreign documents across the table whilst sipping fine coffee from the depths of the Brazilian rainforests.


I'm trying to make it sound more dramatic, but the truth is, I met up with Maz and we spent all afternoon being complete and utter fangirls - talking PW, comparing writing geekery, giggling at norty doujins and drinking coffee. It was fab! I had a great time, and I hope we can do it again one day XD 

Unfortunately, Maz, I realised when I got home that I forgot to give you the present I brought for you as a thank you for being a great and patient beta.  I am made of phail now that I am old and grey, and one giggling fit just blanks my mind. Heh.

I expect we entertained the waiter a good deal XD


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