Well, since I haven't posted any writing here for ages, and I haven't written any actual fic for ages, I thought I would repost a bit of collaborative stuff I am doing with Cocoa ( [livejournal.com profile] momijizukamori ) in the setting of a Bleach Alternative Universe that she created.

I admit I generally filter LiveJournal RolePlay stuff away from the main friendslist on LJ as I am never sure if anyone really wants to see my writing in that area. I know some people have issues with RP, even though for me its just a more collaborative form of fan fic. Anyway, Cocoa seems to bring out my inner teal deer so... here's a tag I was particularly proud of recently, written from the POV of a slightly Alternative Universe post-WInter War Kyouraku Shunsui. In this universe, Ukitake Jyuushiro is female.

Kyouraku's last clear memory is of Karakura Town )

I am especially pleased with having got to play with the concept of the shinigami/zanpakutou "inner world". I need to work on that more and fill out the rest of the blanks. I think I know where I am going with it now thanks to some brainstorming with another Shunsui writer.

*Aruji means a number of things in Japanese - centering aroun dthe concepts of husband/master/head of the family. His sword spirit is very much using it ironically here, although the suggestion of an illicit relationship between them is deliberate.

Not the FIRST fic I have written in a while, but the first one that makes sense as a standalone save for one about nightmares that I need to revisit. I entirely blame[info]princeoffools for giving me this plotbunny but she has also acted as my beta, so I am obliged to forgive her.

Anyway. This is mere speculation about some aspects of Phoenix's life between GS3 and GS4. It may or may not be to your tastes but it fits my view of the character.

Title: Ace of Hearts
Author: KingMobUK
Pairing: Phoenix Wright with various women
Rating: 15/R for themes
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Spoilers for Phoenix's general situation and lifestyle during game. Moderate sexual language and moderate descriptions of heterosexual sex.
Word Count: 899

...afterward she had drawn an Ace of Hearts on his chest with her blood-red lipstick...

kingmobuk: (Edgeworth Inconceivable)
( Jan. 15th, 2008 01:11 pm)
  • I estimated last night, with the aid of an old-fashioned calculator and some mental arithmetic, that since the very end of August 2007 and now I have published approx 69,000 words of PW fanfic. And I have maybe 20,000ish knocking about that remains unpublished.

    Um. Crikey.  That's about three times as much as I thought I had written. Hahahah!  God, no wonder I have insomnia and bizarro dreams.

    I have fixed the knackered links in my Fic Index by the way, thanks folks who flagged them up. It was my fault for trying to navigate linking on FF.Net which I should never do when logged in there.

    Anyway, since I know there are people here who read my stuff but aren't technically in the PW fandom, I'm going to flag up two or three other journals that may be relevant to your interests, since they're personal favourite writers of mine on LJ.  We don't share the same head canons (although damn, we skirt each others a lot!) but they're writers I think I learn from whenever I read their stuff regardless of genre or main character. 

    They'll probably all kill me for drawing attention to their stuff but I can't not, because I think quite often in fanfic the genuine craftsmen who quietly get on with producing superlative work but who may not be writing the 'fan favourite' stories get passed over a lot, and that irks me considerably. I have learned over the last two months that I have pretty high standards, as I tend not to differentiate in my head between fan fiction and any other kind of fiction when reading, so don't make allowances in my mind for what I expect to happen or have seen happen before. Every day is a new day to me and the same goes for fiction. 

    P'raps eventually I will write an essay on the subject, as after a few chats on AIM and MSN and a few exchanges with interesting people on FFRants, I think there's a lot to be explored in the different standards of criticism applied and the reasons for it when comparing original and fan fiction. But not this month, or even this year :)

    Incidentally,  I'm never sure if I meet those standards in my own work, before anyone starts pointing out the faults therein. I do try hard, and I am a severe taskmaster, particularly since I usually fly unbetaed. I have got to the point where I can bear re-reading some of my stuff a month or so later, so that has to be an improvement, although maybe what I consider some of my best stuff might surprise some folks XD

    But I can see what I look for in the writing of a few others and it never fails to give me a thrill because I am such a lit. nerd - heh!

    One of these people in particular will think I'm doing this to make her buckle down and write but she's wrong, because I'd happily wait six months for any chapter of hers and never feel cheated in the mean time! XD

    Anyway, this week I am flagging up the following:
  • [personal profile] soodonim   
  • [profile] poisoninkbottle   
  • and my_little_edgey, who for some reason won't show up as a user. Bloody LJ.

    In all cases please note that some stories may NOT be safe for work, so please check the summaries and ratings carefully. I'll be flagging up more as I come across them, ditto for artists.


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