Okay, so I'm tentatively plotting out a (fanfic) story that would take place in London and Paris over a year, roughly - Feb - Feb.

Geographically I am alright with Teh London but while I know some about Teh Paris I have never actually been there. And by God if I'm going to write about Paris, even in a fanfic,  I want it to be halfway accurate.

1) TEA IN PARIS (the most important things surely)

I've already read anw's journal of Paris so I know that tea can be had in the right places (this is important as my character is a serious tea drinker).  My character has sadly suffered from stories where he is depicted as drinking herbal muck before, due to some strange misapprehension by colonials about what constitutes a good cup of tea. 

So I'd like to have him drinking some proper tea to put the record straight. He would incline to an upscale or fairly old-fashioned place. He would also not be averse to having it served by attractive and possibly exotic waiters. The question therefore is - what and where would be the best area of Paris to find an establishment like this to have him drink tea in and what kinds of tea might be on the menu? Even name a cafe if you like - this story is set several years in the future but not *that* far.


My character would be practicing contract or business law for a small firm while living in Paris. Is there a particular sector of the city where small law offices are more likely to be located? And in that case would there be an area nearby that would be relatively upscale but still "older" that an apartment could be maintained?


There may be need for an obligatory emotional scene to do with being bereaved due to continuity obligations - where would be a good place to go off and have a brood (and then a nice cup of tea)?


Bearing in mind that the character is quite wealthy, very fussy, and inclines to slightly archaic tastes (specifically silk cravats and odd colours), I need a suggestion of a good tailor in London where he might have his suits made and thence shipped to either Germany, Los Angeles or Paris, according to where he's residing.

He would have attended University at either Cambridge or Oxford at some point and would therefore be familiar with London. He is in his mid twenties but fairly reserved so a tailor where he wouldn't have to run into anyone else while there would be best.


The character is trying to keep hidden to a reasonable degree, but he would be pathologically unable to sleep in a cheap hotel. A suggestion of somewhere amart but discreet that he might stay for a few days would be useful.


What's the deal with passports etc. and the Eurostar? My character would have both a US and a German passport (I know about the difficult of being a German dual national but that's going to have to be one of those "in the future it changed" things). I'd prefer for him to be able to move from London to Paris without it being flagged up by customs or the police but if that's not possible I'll have to come up with something else.

Thanks for any help on any of these poiints that anyone can give!

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