Okay. I have whipped together a forum to try out over on the VHive. It's free, and while it's fairly basic, it also has a superior (in my opinion) message display and post display system than the average UBB. It will tell you when you have replies and show you them. It will allow you to ignore threads.

It will not allow icons and uploads, but you can have sigs and you can link out to images.

For a place to chat that easily allows posters to see when there are new messages for them, to view new messages for them (rather than wade through threads) and to link and reply to individual messages, place it should hopefully do the job. I have great love for this kind of system as I lose my brain trying to work my way through too much UBB stuff.

I've cobbled up a few folders, rules and a front page. These are all changeable, I'm just trying to see if this wil fly.

You can view as a guest at the mo, but to post you WILL need to register. I've left it open for now but we can consider locking the forum down if we need to.

The entire V-Hive belongs to a friend of mine who built it and deals with the hosting so there's no weird shit and marketing going on - you will not have your email sold to anyone and he won't be using it for anything. It won't insist on real names when you register or anything like that. I have also chosen to disallow search engine spidering.

I'll be using mine my real name as I am already a user on VHive and have been for a couple of years since I post on some of the existing forums. But other folks can register as they like.

The entire forum system is due to be upgraded to a prettier version early next year before anyone asks.

A few of us have been playing on there for a couple of days and we have already got a couple of discussion threads going (we're a chatty bloody lot aren't we?)

I'd be very grateful if PW folks doing a drie-by and reading this could pop over and have a look, say what they think, sign up and play if they want. I really would like something like this to exist for my own selfish inspirational and fangirly needs and I can't find one that works or is tailored to the creative crowd specifically so ...

Here's the link!


It can also be accessed via the VHIVE link in my LJ - that will take you to the main VHive page, click on FORUMS and you look for GUILTY PARTIES, which is the PW forum.

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