Spoken word tour comin' to Manchester 30/01/08!


He was FANTASTIC last time when we saw him in '06 (I think it was '06 it may have been '05 even).  And that was the first time I had seen a spoken word by him for several years.

God I have unholy and unhealthy love for this man and have for nearly two decades. I love the fact that he's aged gracefully and yet is still angry and still compelling and can still talk for 3 hours without a break.


If we can find a dogsitter I am so booking tickets for this. I missed out on seeing Mark Steel in October in Huddersfield but I don't want to miss out on "Old Man Rollins". Hah - dood, when you signed that on an LP for me in the '90s, neither of us had a single grey hair. NOT SO NOW!

Highly recommended to anyone whose area he may be passing through on this tour. Don't worry, the audiences have aged with him and we're all considerably less unruly these days ;)

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