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"somewhat closer than usual to the heart of creation but far from close enough"

San Diego 2008

Born in Yorkshire. Read Too Much Evelyn Waugh and, Possibly, Oscar Wilde. Moved to Berkshire. Kissed some Frogs. Yomped across Salisbury Plain with a Semi-Automatic Rifle. Discovered the Internet. Met Life Partner. Moved to Lancashire. Bought a House. Acquired Two Lurchers. Now Pondering on the Meaning of Everything, and Spending Entirely too Long Playing on the Intewebs.

I edit reviews for online comics webzine Sequential Tart and I write fanfiction from time to time for the Ace Attorney fandom as KingMobUK. I also roleplay in the same fandom, mostly as versions of Miles Edgeworth.

I can talk on the subject of Miles Edgeworth for hours, if you get me going. This is probably not a good thing. Astonisingly however, unlike most of fandom, I neither pity him, wish to be him, or wish to date him. Go figure.

Other fandoms I dabble and play in are Naruto and Bleach, usually as Hoshigaki Kisame and Kyouraku Shunsui respectively. Yeah, I like hot older guys without much canon, so shoot me.

When I'm not doing those things I like to read, eat out, watch detective shows, take photos and endlessly plan renovations.

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