I neglected to note last week that this is finally seeing the light of day online after wrestling with it since September!

Chapters One and Two are up on Court Records, FanFiction.Net and OBJECTION!

You can find them on FF.Net Here

It is worksafe thus far, by the way, despite the M rating. There are themes relating to despression and sexuality but nothing overt at this stage. It's only got an M rating because of a later chapter, which I don't think would squeak in under the bar.
Yes I know Ch 2 is TL;;DR but believe me it's already been edited to within an inch of its life. I can't help it if Miles is an emotional powerhouse :)
Thanks to Cathryn for brainstorming assistance, and to Musouka, Marianne and Shiva for betaing beyond the call of duty and dealing with my shilly-shallying, self-doubt, random and desperate writing approach and to-ing and fro-ing for the last couple of months. I'm an obsessive nutter and they have done well not to get me locked up for it.

Thanks also to loads of folks on here and elsewhere who have offered advice, opinions, and information about Paris and London.

I hope it's not too horrible and that the (small but choosy) audience for stories about Miles wandering around foreign cities for a year without Phoenix finds this to their liking XD


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