Well, since I haven't posted any writing here for ages, and I haven't written any actual fic for ages, I thought I would repost a bit of collaborative stuff I am doing with Cocoa ( [livejournal.com profile] momijizukamori ) in the setting of a Bleach Alternative Universe that she created.

I admit I generally filter LiveJournal RolePlay stuff away from the main friendslist on LJ as I am never sure if anyone really wants to see my writing in that area. I know some people have issues with RP, even though for me its just a more collaborative form of fan fic. Anyway, Cocoa seems to bring out my inner teal deer so... here's a tag I was particularly proud of recently, written from the POV of a slightly Alternative Universe post-WInter War Kyouraku Shunsui. In this universe, Ukitake Jyuushiro is female.

Kyouraku's last clear memory is of Karakura Town )

I am especially pleased with having got to play with the concept of the shinigami/zanpakutou "inner world". I need to work on that more and fill out the rest of the blanks. I think I know where I am going with it now thanks to some brainstorming with another Shunsui writer.

*Aruji means a number of things in Japanese - centering aroun dthe concepts of husband/master/head of the family. His sword spirit is very much using it ironically here, although the suggestion of an illicit relationship between them is deliberate.
So we have the roofers in - or will, by Wednesday. Currently there is a scaffolding Tower of Babel being constructed in our (tiny) garden which I will attempt to get a picture of when ist done because... well I did tell you my life was pretty damned boring, right?

After a lovely Dales winter of snow, snow and more snow we decided it was TIME to get the old slate tiles removed, the roof lined and then the slate replaced again. Preferably before any more fall off and brain me while I am standing on teh doorstep.

Also the skylight that is our only source of daylight over the stairs ( I still sort of regret not getting that half glass door for the bathroom) is being increased in size.

After the roofers it's the sandblasters to get rid of the godawful off-white paint on the back of the house and then yay! new double glazing and someone in to paint the crappy walls in the yard with a nice bright colour. Maybe sky blue, I am undecided. If I was rich enough I would get it rendered an pay an artist to fresco it. But hey, bright colours will do.

if I can also squeeze out my savings money to get the yard repaved that will pretty much be the exterior done. If we ever finish the dining room and kitchen we might, actually, have a nice looking house, though this year we have already had two sets of visitors who have politely ignore dthe fact that our dining room looks like a work in progress and the kitchen looks as old as it is and has a big ass hole in the wall stuffed with a  scrunched up bin liner XD

"Gentlemen, we just seized an airfield. That was pretty fucking ninja." (Generation Kill)
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( Jul. 12th, 2010 04:48 pm)
Man, I really should post here more often. I totaly suck at journals of any kind and have since I was a kid.

In other news, I updated my list of RP Journals to reflect the fact that clearly, Shunsui is going to be sticking around. I'm not bored with him yet so that probably means he gets to hang out more.
Have a wonderful [insert appropriate holiday here] everyone. I am posting this here in lieu of cards since my trusty green address book seems to have been lost somewhere - possibly in Paris. Next year I will be more organised and get everyone's addresses in advance!

Picture by fomola.
These arrived from Japan this week - I ordered two, in case of breakage. Pics as requested by [livejournal.com profile] edensphere chat.

Yes, more pics under cut! )

Also the fault of [livejournal.com profile] loosewiring. We were talking, and so one day I said "you know, I should take a pic of all my gay lawyer tat to show you..."

Only I couldn't fit it all in one pic, or indeed all on one table. And this is missing a few things like the Edgeworth teacups, more brooches and the Gyakuten Kenji tin (I did not have them at the time), the Phoenix/Apollo keyring (hanging from the driver's mirror in my car), the Blue Badger phone dangler (no idea where that got to), the stylus that Antony bought me, a couple more t-shirts and mugs, the watch (I forgot it), the clock (at work) and the translated manga books (also forgot). Conclusion: I have a lot of tat. And yes, those ARE bags of snackoos in there, and damn, you can't see my magatama properly.

Pics of massive nerdery under cut )
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( Jul. 21st, 2009 03:07 am)
Why do I always miss the Phoenix Wright years at San Diego Comic Con.


A PLAYABLE DEMO! And the merch looks cute XD
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( Jul. 14th, 2009 12:52 pm)
Good things come to those who wait... after bemoaning the fact that Blue October (US) never gig round the UK, usually only slipping in one performance in London, it seems that this year they are daring to try out a small tour here in the autumn. And luckily for me, one of the venues in Manchester Academy 3 (capacity about 300), so I booked. And I can't wait. A colleague from work is going with me as she's started to like their music based on the stuff of theirs that is on my iPod and gets played in our office on a regular basis.

Meanwhile Rollins returns to the Lowry in Salford in January with a spoken word gig and if it's anything like the last one (nearly three hours of non-stop Rollins) it'll be fantastic. Also booked, for me and Antony this time - I've been to many a spoken word Rollins gig, but last time was Antony's first and he enjoyed it enough to want to go again.

Wow I spent too much in one day already, heh XD

Coming soon to an eBay store near you either as a set or individually! Unfortunately at outrageous delivery charges. Maybe next month when I am done overhauling our household linen cupboard and if I have some cash left.

...since everyone I know from RP seems to be doing it and I feel like people are STARING at me until I do, as if I made a social FAUX PAS.

1. You can ONLY answer 'Yes' or 'No'.
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone comments you and asks.


Cut for long and possibly dull )
I think there's a few people on my Friends Lists who could do with thinking about the nice things for a while. So here's a meme that was invented by my friend [livejournal.com profile] burge, back in the day - before it spread all over the Intrawebs. You can write as much as you like or just list them.

"List five little things which make you happy/satisfied/give you pleasure. Don't go for the obvious ones like second-hand bookshops, warm baths, icecream, wanking, seeing a band live or whatever. Odd little things, which give you a little frisson and make things better, even if just for a moment."

1. The first bite of a Toffee Crisp
2. Getting a comment on one of my stories even if I wrote it AAAGES ago and had forgotten about it myself.
3. The ring tone on my cellphone - it's the "CORNERED" theme from Phoenix Wright and it makes me laugh whenever it goes off.
4. The scent of spring wildlflowers growing the verges by the roads as it drifts in through open windows on the drive to and from work.
5. The (rare) occurrence at work of intelligent debate without butthurt .
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( Jun. 9th, 2009 11:55 am)
I had occasion to go to the BNP website today (for work, before you ask). While wading among the usual "blah-blah we're not racists we just hate people who aren't white" crap, I found this fabulous paradox on the information pages about Nick Griffin. (Who is, I may remind you all, now one of my MEPs, despite the fact that in my specific geographical area they failed to make inroads).

"Initially educated at two Suffolk private schools, St Felix School (in Southwold) and Woodbridge School, Nick studied history and then law at Downing College, Cambridge and boxed while at Cambridge and was awarded a full blue for representing the University against Oxford three years running, losing the first year on points and winning in the next two with first round stoppages."


"Since being elected to lead the BNP in 1999, he has turned it into the modern, mainstream and moderate party that is today reshaping British politics in favour of ordinary people instead of out-of-touch political elitists."

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! Isn't it reassuring to know he's just an ordinary, working-class man and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with the "ruling elite" of the Torys or New Labour

... oh wait.

According to their test result explanation I'm snuggling up there with Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. No great surprise then XD

Economic Left/Right: -5.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.33

In other words, I'm a filthy commie and a hippy as well. Pitchforks at the ready, then. You can have a go at the test yourself here.

I gather these were vending machine prizes before they started hitting Yahoo Japan.

I am laughing so hard even as I am sending my proxy bidders into action. Between this and the teacups I feel that my frippery desires will be satisfied for months to come.



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