Well, since I haven't posted any writing here for ages, and I haven't written any actual fic for ages, I thought I would repost a bit of collaborative stuff I am doing with Cocoa ( [livejournal.com profile] momijizukamori ) in the setting of a Bleach Alternative Universe that she created.

I admit I generally filter LiveJournal RolePlay stuff away from the main friendslist on LJ as I am never sure if anyone really wants to see my writing in that area. I know some people have issues with RP, even though for me its just a more collaborative form of fan fic. Anyway, Cocoa seems to bring out my inner teal deer so... here's a tag I was particularly proud of recently, written from the POV of a slightly Alternative Universe post-WInter War Kyouraku Shunsui. In this universe, Ukitake Jyuushiro is female.

Kyouraku's last clear memory is of Karakura Town )

I am especially pleased with having got to play with the concept of the shinigami/zanpakutou "inner world". I need to work on that more and fill out the rest of the blanks. I think I know where I am going with it now thanks to some brainstorming with another Shunsui writer.

*Aruji means a number of things in Japanese - centering aroun dthe concepts of husband/master/head of the family. His sword spirit is very much using it ironically here, although the suggestion of an illicit relationship between them is deliberate.
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( Jul. 12th, 2010 04:48 pm)
Man, I really should post here more often. I totaly suck at journals of any kind and have since I was a kid.

In other news, I updated my list of RP Journals to reflect the fact that clearly, Shunsui is going to be sticking around. I'm not bored with him yet so that probably means he gets to hang out more.

And yet again this week, I have been reminded of how fabulous, funny and friendly the Phoenix Wright fandom is by the good folks at the Phoenix Wright Dressing Room, in whose chatrooms and journal I have probably laughed more in a week than I have in a year. I currently seriously have stomach muscle pain from laughing at the Dr Hotti thread yesterday, and from Young Larry's general responses to my character whenever he appears.

For anyone in the fandom *not* familiar with the Phoenix Wright Dressing Room at

[profile] pwdressingroom, it's a fandom RP that's aimed at anyone who wants to interact in character in the PW Universe (or even on the distant edges of it with AU characters and the like). You don't need to apply, you don't need to jump through hoops to join, and you don't need to worry about not being able to play your favourite character because there are multiples of just about everyone - that's kind of the point.  You can bring characters you use regularly elsewhere, or just put one together for this RP only. It's a case of throw 'em all in together - any timeline, any AU - and see what happens. There must be at least a dozen various Phoenixes and Edgeworths running around, not to mention at least three Gants and half-a-dozen Emas. This has created multiple moments of sheer genius and the people who thought the place up deserve much credit for it. IN particular [profile] jessmacphisto, who I believe was the driving force XD

I've never RPed in my life before and am unlikely to anywhere else, but I'll try anything once and I thought it would be amusing to stick my fic-canon older Edgeworth in there (with a couple of minor tweaks of backstory) and see how he fared. I never expected him to survive a day, to be honest, because I hadn't got a damned clue what i was doing, he was never conceived as an RP character and he doesn't lend himself well to crack or comedy.

I'm pretty sure a whole bunch of people knew he was mine the minute he turned up but luckily I have no shame.  Surprisingly, he has now survived meetings with multiple selves, child selves, dead dads, an earthquake and Von Karma... without running screaming from the room. I doubt I'd ever be good enough or thorough enough to RP anywhere else ever again but damn, I've been having fun in there, so I wanted to give it a shout out.

In particular, my character has had/been having the best times with [profile] young_frills, [profile] young_innocence, [profile] detonatingly[profile] ghostshield(so much love for that Nick, best one in the RP IMO even though he's technically AU), [profile] i_think_wright(also a fantastic Nick, again AU, beautifully characterised), [profile] g_edgeworth, [profile] mylittlehobo[profile] bluffing_ruffleand [profile] pfauhahn (My Miles lurves his big sister).

I'm pretty sure that there are a few folks playing over there that also read this journal and I'm curious how many characters the Prof has run into that are handled by people passing through here.  So lets try something - if you *are* playing at the Dressing Room, post in response to this with each of your characters just so I can do a head count (I'm not going to make you fess up to your real IDs doods, you're okay - I'm more curious about the number of characters I know than I am about knowing who their muns are).




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