10ml bottles


"The embodiment of Classic masculinity. A warrior's scent: the green hills and grasses of the battlefields, the resinous incense from the prayers to his Gods, and a touch of the musky leather of his armor. Ambergris and frankincense with sage, and basil."

I haven't worn this as I bought it as a gift for my other half so I can't speak to how it smells on me. It was a bit of a whim but he quite likes it, luckily - it's not as strong as you might imagine but it does smell nice on him - not too sweet but not too manly either. I'd definitely have worn it if he didn't like it.

5ml bottles


"Lightning slashing the midnight skies over the endless reaches of the ocean. The electric tang of ozone, marine notes, and a drop of sharp rain."

I first tried this when Cocoa sent me an imp last year and along with Baneberry, it was my favourite of the four. I went on to buy a full bottle as a Xmas gift to myself. A juicy sort of "ocean" scent in the bottle of the type you find in a lot of perfume oils and room fresheners but with a distinct citrus undertone. Dries into a softer version of itself but keeps a nice citrussy kick to it. Very good for daytime wear, moderately well lasting on the skin.

Teatime in Roswell (Discon. Bought on ebay.)

"Aliens at high tea: Earl Grey, biscuits, Battenberg cake, and strangely-glowing cucumber sandwiches."

This one, to me, is all battenburg cake, all the time. There is a hint of cucumber there, but it dries on me very cakey. Not a terrible thing since I adore battenburg cake and smelling of marzipan is not the worst thing, but I wish it had a bit more of the Earl Grey, to be honest, because that would allay some of the sweetness which is a little much for me. I keep this one at work for the days when I am in too much of a rush to pick a scent out XD

Byronic Anti-Hero (Discon, bought on ebay because I liked the sound of it)

"An aristocratic cologne of titanic passions, moody and brooding. This scent is dark with disillusionment and cynicism: a Victorian fougère and a dashing carnation boutonnière tainted by a cloud of khus, yew, and patchouli."

I reaaalllly like this one - it smells a little heavy on the patchouli out of the bottle, and reminds me of a store I used to go to as a teenager that sold goth jewelrey and new age whatnots. But on my skin it dries to a much more balanced scent and the carnations come out well. It's what I would class as a "darker" scent but is surprisingly good during the day. I wish it wasn't discontinued. I'd also class this one as unisex - my other half likes it a lot. Lasts really well through the day on me.

Ace of Hearts (Discon. Bought on ebay as a possible Shunsui scent.)

"Purest white lotus, white rose, rain orchid, rose gardenia, freesia, and Bulgarian rose."

I really like this perfume blend - it's a light floral, very much a "summer days in the garden" thing. Surprisingly it isn't very "rose" at all - the other flowers are much stronger both in the bottle and out. Though it smells quite strong out of the bottle, it doesn't last long on me, sadly, and I find I need to use quite a bit to get it to stand out at all. I'd prefer something with a bit of depth/manliness to the floral and that's why I am looking forward to "Lovers in a Ricefield" when it arrives.

Midwinter's Eve (not sure what year, bought on ebay.)

"A melancholy, deep scent, poignant and brimming with nostalgia. The perfume of sugared plums over a breeze of winter flowers."

This was a bit of random purchase but I really do like it. It's like candied fruit in the bottle and the floral undertones don't overpower the juiciness of the plum. Lasts very well and as it dries the florals fade to leave the sugared plums in a very pleasant way. I'm not fond of overly sweet scents and this one is a really good balance.

A Blade of Grass (Discon. Bought on ebay because I loved the sound of it.)

"Autumn leaves scattered among blades of grass."

Not much extra to say about this one - it smells both in the bottle and on the skin exactly how it says on the tin - fresh, wet, mown grass with a slight mustiness that stops it being too tangy. Lasts decently well for a good part of the day.



"Absurd! Green mango, fig, patchouli and green tea."

Very little patchouli going on here either in or out of the bottle - it's mostly mango and green tea with a nice zing to it. Lasts well.


"Ridiculous! Kumquat, white pepper, white tea and orange blossom."

This one mostly smells of the orange blossom and the pepper to me, and it's a really nice combination. Lasts well.

The Caterpillar

"Heavy incense notes waft lazily through a mix of carnation, jasmine, bergamot, and neroli over a lush bed of dark mosses, iris blossom, deep patchouli and indolent vetiver."

This one reminds me of Indian saree shops - quite heavy on the patchouli and neroli which gives it a mystical tint. It could stand being called "Bollywood Nights", to be honest. When it dries on me I apparently smell like I have been smoking pot, so be warned XD Lasts a long time on my skin, as do most of the heavier scents.


"Myrrh, dark musk, attar of rose and ylang ylang."

I can't distinguish the rose here - just a floral overtone to the myrrh and musk. It's a nice combination because it prevents the must from being overpowering.


"A poisonous fruit-bearing member of the buttercup family. The scent, like the plant, is dark green, herbal, and plump with bulging black fruit."

Pretty much what it says on the tin - fruity berries and a green/herbal base. Stays pretty much true to itself on the skin as it is out of the bottle - though the fruit comes through more as it dries.


No description found.

I'm not great at distinguishing notes in perfume unless they're scents I am very familiar with. This has something woody and green going on - maybe cedar or similar. Not unpleasant and very unisex.


"Deep herbs and apple with black amber."

Lovely and green-appley, but the herbs/amber give it a robustness that would otherwise be lacking. As it dries on me the apple fades a bit and the herbs come through.


"A gentle vision of purity, goodness and virtue: white tea, carnation and Damask Rose."

The rose and carnation are an interesting mix here - they make for a very powerfully floral scent that you don't want to go overboard with. Very feminine.

Bleeding Heart

No description found.

To me this smells mostly of lilies of the valley with a hint of something else going on in there too - maybe green herbs? Very floral but not in a heavy and overpowering way. Girly but sophisticated, basically. Dries over time on the skin to a sweeter, floral note and stays that way. I like lillies of the valley so this was a winner XD

Vampire Tears

"Regret born from ceaseless longing: wisteria, white grapefruit, neroli, green tea, jasmine, white ginger, honeysuckle, iris, and tonka."

Hm. I can smell the neroli in here right away - that scent always stands out for me as I have a love/hate relationship with it - luckily here it's understated. I disagree with most of the BPAL user reviews because to me, in the bottle, this smells very sweet, almost cakey - with the grapefruit and ginger just taking the edge off of things. For me it works better than the deliberately cakey ones which never seem to suit me overmuch.

Love Oil #20

"A potent, enticing love formula, favored among Louisiana courtesans."

This smells like marzipan roses to me, with a side of something herby I can't identify. I actually quite like it as like teh Vampire Tears, it's accidentally cakey so doesn't overpower me.

Bohun Upas

"A deceptively tranquil scent: heady fruits, dry bark, and deep green leaves, enveloped by a dark and sinister murk."

This is indeed green and woody with a depth to it that makes it unisex with a leaning towards dudes, to be honest. That's fine by me as I have been known to wear men's perfumes anyway. It softens and sweetens a bit as ut dries.


"The hundred-headed dragon that guards the garden of the Hesperides: dragon's blood resin, golden apple, apple blossom, white musk and hyacinth."

Red apples! That is what I always think of when I get a whiff of this. I don't smell the musk but there's a sweetness behind it that I assume to be the hyacinth. Not as heavy as it sounds.


"The essence of honesty, integrity, and veracity: frankincense, white carnation, angelica, chamomile, and heliotrope."

I'm not sure what I think of this one yet. Mostly it's frankincense and carnation to me - the other notes don't really come through on my skin too much. It smells almost pungently herby from the bottle, better on the skin.


"Venerable and solemn: the scent of incense smoke wafting through an ancient church. A true ecclesiatical blend of pure resins."

This really is very incensey, with a sort of woody background to it - like freshly polished old furniture, I suppose. I think I would prefer this as a room scent and may try a drop or two on pot pourri.


"Crushed herbs and sweet amber resin with a streak of patchouli, neroli and golden musk."

This is an odd one as I smell very little of the patchouli or neroli and much more of the herbs and resin with a citrus thing going on that I can't quite identify.

Beaver Moon 2007

"Wild cherry with vanilla cream accord, and a hint of strawberry."

Another (to me) cakey one, and I am not wild about vanilla which I think here slightly drowns the juiciness.


"The scent of the salty seas, bittersweet wine, palm and tropical ferns."

This smells more to me of inland waters and the sort of plant smells you would find around a lake. I don't smell anything boozy at all, just wet greenery and a hint of flowers that is actually rather nice. Outdoorsy.


Winter Solstice

No description

Spiecy and herby but not too overpowering. Not sure if I would prefer this as a room scent to one on my skin - on balance I prefer Midwinter's Eve as a wimtery kind of smell.

Nocturne Alchemy


"A room enraptured with soft linen flowing in the wind. A breath of fresh air coming from the nile and a papyrus full of symbols filled with stories and history of Egypt."

This does smell a little lineny, with an added touch of ozone that gives it a tang. It's not especially notable to my nose, though perfectly pleasant to wear, and I don't usually go for "fresh linen" type scents in general.

Conjure Oils

La Estrella

"Grapefruit, spun sugar and shaved ice shimmer in this truly unique blend"

This is indeed like candied citrus and I like it a lot. Quite light but lasts pretty well.

Violette Market

Christmas on the Champs D'Elysees (2009)

"The quiet drift of falling snow, woodland branches decorated with white lights and red bows heralding the season. The warm glow of wintry windows framed in pink and yellow lights, sweet shoppes displaying an array of seasonal treats, frosted novelties, sugared fruits, and spiced confectioner's delights. The hustle and bustle of late-evening shoppers and the twinkle of crystallized ice"

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